New Film
What does the ideal modern politician look like? Surprisingly, the answer to this question should be sought in the history of Ancient Rome!


    • Rendezvous in Jerusalem
      "Ten measures of beauty were released to the world. Nine of them to Yerushalayim, and one to the rest of the world", - so ancient sages spoke.
      What's so special about this town? Isn't it a dot on the world map like millions of other cities?  Yes, of course, its value as an object of historical and cultural heritage is great. But what is difficult to overestimate is its spiritual significance for humanity.

    • It's Gonna be Fun
      What does the ideal modern politician look like? Surprisingly, the answer to this question should be sought in the history of Ancient Rome!
    • Hatred is Love

      Let us recall Orwell's textbook slogans: "Lie is truth, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power" ... And we add: "Hatred is love." Nothing so unites the people of a totalitarian state like hatred for their enemies and love for the leader ...

    • Russian Elephants are the only true Elephants
    • Today = Yesterday
      A short film about the fact that there are two Russia - and each of them remembers his story differently...
    • When the extraordinary becomes ordinary

      The prompt progress in science and technicians solves many of problems mankind. But he creates new with which to cope becomes more and more difficult. Perhaps, for survival of mankind it is worth uniting science and those phenomena which long weren't recognized as most of scientists and the educated society?

    • All that fuss...
      A short ironic look at the most serious things
    • Blackhole saga

      On the New Year's Eve 2020 in a Scandinavian country, Norland, some events took place. Blackhole the city, predominantly inhabited with immmigrants, declared it's independence  as a separate republic and decided to separate itself from the state. 

    • Declaration of Intent

      The world today has to face and resolve the  crucial problems of the humankind. Can the scientists that use the most up to date cutting edge technology, give the world a change to survuve?

    • A Fine New Day

      How will the world look like in 35 years? If you imagine that, basing your fantasy on the realities of the contemporary world, one can imagine how the TV news would be in 2048.

    • From the deep

      There are so many mysteries surrounding the death of Antlandida! This movie offers you a new answer, solving this issue and comparing it with the contemporary world and the problems that have to be resolved these days.

    • The World without America

      The movie 'Missing America is investigating the sources of 'anti-americanism'. The plot is based on the assumption that America would disappear one day and that the people would finally be lacking 'the source of the evil'.

    • The abduction of Europe

      However recently the  problems that Europe has not been willing to deal with and has been delaying are becoming more and more obvious. The moral issues, the demographic crisis, the crisis of the liberal minds of the European countries 

    • Children's illness of leftism

      The kids' deceass of leftism that's the name of the famous article by Lenin. That's how he defined the pathological changes in the minds of some left ultra radicals. The strange scewed view of realityare unofortunately present to this days

    • Sweet death

      The biggest threat in the world these days in the internetional terrorism, the most dangerous weapon of which are the 'human bombs'. What is convincing young people to become suicide bombers? This movie received the award  at the Independent movies Festival

    • Blackmail by mercy

      In the modern world the natire of the wars has changes. Instead of fights, the wars are more about propaganda and the battle of ideas. The movie tell about the the media war surrounding Israel.

    • How Idols are Made

      The 20th century was not only the period of development of democracy, art and sciance around the world, but also the bloody and tough dictatorships. The dictators all have the similiar personality type and this movie explains what makes a perfect dictator.

    • The face of earth

      The genre of this movie is a fantastic parody. Our planet is represented from the point of view of another, more developed civilization. It allows us to see that a lot about our planet is in fact weird, funny and absurd.

    • Lech Lecha

      This movie is a futuristic fantasy with the elements of parody. The plot is based on the idea if imagining that the population of Israel, which is often considered the source of evil and many international conflicts, has left the real world and moved to the virtual world. 

    • Special Account

      In one of the European cafes a waiter and a cafe customer a journalist, started an interesting conversation about the problems in the Middle East

    • The Country beyond space end time

      In order to travel through time and space one just needs to cross the border of Israel. This contradictory, incredible, amazing country is what this movie is about. Watch the movie to decide for yourself what kind of country is Israel?

    • The Land of Dreamers

      The movie shows how the soviet people waiting for 'shining tomorrow', inspired by fantasies of a better future, would be moving from one utopic project to another. 

    • Express Russia

      The history of Russia from the ancient times to these days, the most important people in the history of Russia, the influenced it's development.

    • Dzambul forever

      The famous Kazakh singer Dzhambul Dzhabaev is probably the most celebrated and loved in the world. The interesting fact is that he became famous when he turned 90 years old and his career is a great example of the propaganda's influence on people's minds.

    • Red Square Historical Theatr

      The Red Square by the walls of the Moscow Kremlin has became a real scene of the theater of history of the Russia. The most dramatic and life changing events in the history of Russia took place on the Red Square.

    • To Stalin with love

      In 1949 the whole Russia and even the whole world was celebrating the 70th Birthday of Iosif Stalin. He was receiving gifts as signs of love from everyone political leaders, artists, even the convicted felons from jail. 

    • How They Drink in Russia

      People are drinking everything from best kinds of liquor to the dish soap. People are drinking everything everywhere in luxurious restaurants and in public restrooms, during concerts and on the stairway landings and basements. How much liquor can one consume? Some record drinkers can in fact drink up to 5 liters of vodka per sitting.